july 2022

Promotion to CTO

As we get ready to celebrate his up coming work anniversary, we couldn't think of a more fitting time to celebrate Sriram's elevation into his new role as CTO.

Congratulations Sri and thank you for all of your hard work, dedication and good banter! Here's to the next exciting chapter ahead of us.

july 2022

Decision Inc. Australia announces partnership

Great to be included in Decision Inc. Australia tech partner ecosystem, as a niche provider in hyperautomation and AI-powered products and solutions - together, we'll tackle industry specific problems across: CPG, FMCG and Retail.

Our partnership will provide Decision Inc. customers with actionable intelligence to make data-driven decisions that create greater control, improves productivity and delivers significant ROI back to their business - fast.

Check out Decision Inc. Australia's CEO Aiden Heke's full interview for CRN, on details of their partner strategy and ecosystem.

june 2022

Appointment of CEO

As we enter our next phase of growth, we're pleased to announce the recent appointment of Bart Heyse as CEO for

“I’m excited to take the team and our partners on the next leg of our journey and continue to build on the trust and value that we’ve created for all of our forward thinking customers…”

Bart has already been busy getting in front of customers, helping to close new opportunities for the business and shape the platform and product roadmap with the team.

march 2022

Barrenjoey AI Panel Discussion

Our Head of AI and Automation and #ForbesTechnology Council Member - Sriram Bhargav Madhav joined a Barrenjoey hosted panel discussion along with provenio board members Mike Foster and Stephen Thompson to discuss the role that AI must play in managing the pressures and costs being witnessed across Retail and FMCG supply chains respectively.

Lead by Josh Kannourakis - Co-Head of Emerging Companies Research, the discussion covered:

Key pain-points and financial impact on businesses;
the strategic importance of freight and logistics; and
the opportunities and value AI can unlock in Retail and FMCG supply chains.

The top 5 takeaways from the topical discussion:

- Strategy, picking the right Use Case and moving with Intent are key ingredients for success… and don’t hide behind technical debt!
- Big Data is no longer a precursor for AI to be effective!
- Forward plan the reallocation of your human capital to focus on high-value tasks and activities!
- Start small, scale fast must be the adopted mantra!
- AI is not astronomical anymore - both in terms of cost and adoption. However, it’s critical to choose the right partner to start your journey with, in order to achieve sustainable success & significant ROI!

Big thanks to Barrenjoey for hosting the panel discussion, the conversation flowed from market insights, technology advancements and the value businesses can create by adopting AI into their operations.

march 2022

We sponsored our first football team (or soccer team depending on where you are in the world)!

On #internationalwomensday2022 we couldn't think of a more appropriate time to share our story, which highlights the on-going need to address stereotyping at the earliest ages of social and educational development.

The Provenio Fireflies is an all-girls team who compete in a Mixed Summer League (before all the rain, as depicted in the photo) that is predominately dominated by boys' teams.

This is no problem for the team as they love a challenge and the physical aspect to their game. And, as for skills, well, they let their football (and the scoreline) do the talking.

As impressive as the Fireflies are, we're most proud of their resilience. You see, week-in-week-out, the team endures sexist comments about being "just a team of silly girls". Comments such as 'girls don't know how to kick a ball' or 'they'll be left crying like little babies, when they lose'.

Hearing such comments directed towards the girls really drove home that there's still so much work that needs to be done to break through those stereotypes - many of which get carried through to later adult life - often manifesting into both conscious and unconscious bias.

This story ends with a positive outlook, because at every game where the Fireflies encountered those sexist and discriminative comments, they convincingly won. Every. Single. Game. But they didn't only win the game, they won the respect of their opposition, admiration of the match officials and all the spectators.

So, we'd like to think that the Provenio Fireflies have helped make a little difference in tackling some of those stereotypes (pun intended) and moving a step closer to breaking the bias.

september 2021


Our Head of AI and Automation, Sriram Bhargav Madhav to share his expert insights and thoughts on all things artificial intelligence. From how it's being used in our day-to-day lives, how it's transforming businesses the world over, through to some of the hottest AI topics being debated: ethical AI,I unbiased AI, explainable AI and conscious AI.

In a global survey conducted by Accenture, 3 out of 4 CxO's interviewed believe that if they don't scale AI in the next 5 years, they risk going out of business... entirely!

As a business leader, are you thinking about AI and the value it can create for your business and workforce? If not, you should be!

august 2021

Thought Leadership at #BTX2021

Our Head of AI and Automation Sriram Bhargav Madhav will be joining a panel of transformation experts at the #BTX2021 road show - where they’ll be discussing how artificial intelligence and digital platforms are shaping the way businesses are transforming.

august 2021

Automation to Hyperautomation

Register and tune in to listen to our Head of AI & Automation and all round superstar Sriram Bhargav Madhav, speaking at the up coming PDC conference

march 2021

we welcomed our first intern!

After meeting with lots of great applicants, we knew that Deepansh's passion for AI, underpinned by his great personality and not to mention a Master of Science in IT with a specialisation in AI and Database Systems, meant he was the perfect match for us!

During his internship, Deepansh will be exploring the world of AI and ML and helping us to create meaningful solutions - all which can be applied to solve real world problems! He'll get the chance to contribute to the development of some of our Digital Workers and we’ll show him some of the principles that we apply to our human-centred AI solutions. Plus not to mention plenty of opportunity to play and beat Lucas at FIFA!

We're looking forward to an action packed couple of weeks - filled with plenty of learning, problem solving and fun! We're still on the look out for our first #female intern, so for further details, get in touch via our LinkedIn Page!

march 2021

interview with an AI rockstar

Last week, Co-Founder Dan Pace had the honour and pleasure of chatting with Tapati Bandopadhyay, PhD-AI of AISWITCH.ORG in preparation for #IWD2021, where he explored what inspired Tapati to dedicate her career to #ArtificialIntelligence , how to overcome bias in society and some of the challenges and lessons that she's learnt along the way.

march 2021

the grass roots edition:creating an early interest in AI

In celebration of #IWD2021 we ran our first AI Grass Roots workshop, with a specific focus on women in tech!

It was a great success and there was lots of fun, learning and pizza!

The initiative was created with IWD in mind, but also because we've experienced firsthand, the challenges of being able to attract female talent... so the importance of getting girl's interested in S.T.E.M subjects at the grass roots level is really important to us! And who knows, some of these girls could go onto be the next AI rockstar like our good friend Tapati Bandopadhyay, PhD-AI from AISWITCH.ORG

We all had a great time and will be building on this with our next session already being planned for, with more girls and boys wanting to take part!

A big thanks to our team members who helped pull this together and make it a success, and to our participants who gave up some of their Sunday afternoon to attend the workshop.

february 2021

advisory board

We're pleased to formally announce the appointment of our Advisory Board - each with rich experience and expertise in their respective fields, which will help guide and accelerate our growth plans.

With our proprietary cloud, we provide our customers with the ability to start and scale their automation and AI journey’s quickly, efficiently and seamlessly – whilst ensuring that they remain in control of their business processes and have peace of mind that their data is safe, secure, and on-shore in Australia.

february 2021

Sriram Bhargav Madhav accepted into Forbes Technology Council

We're ecstatic to share the news that our very own Head of AI + Automation, Sriram Bhargav Madhav has been accepted into the prestigious Forbes Technology Council. Sri's acceptance is based on strict and detailed evaluation of his: expertise, experience and career achievements... not to mention his passion for all things #AI and #Robotics!

From the whole of the team, our partners and clients a massive congratulations to you... and now for the beers!

For more information about Forbes Technology Council, visit